Vision Insurance for Groups

Eyesight is Very Important and Very Expensive

When someone has difficulty seeing, it can affect their employment in many ways. Eye care can get very expensive, very fast. In order to encourage everyone to take better care of their vision, it is important to have vision insurance. If employees have vision insurance, they are more likely to take care of their eyes and this can be very important in many occupations.

We offer:

  • Group insurance for employers with at least 10 people
  • Affordable premiums; the coverage is not portable
  • Excellent benefits
  • A large network of providers

Benefits are specifically designed for:

  • Groups with at least 10 people employed
  • Employers who want to offer this valuable benefit to their employees

Benefits include:

  • Affordable group rates
  • Eye examinations with a small copay
  • Generous frame allowance
  • Small copay for materials
  • Large network of participating providers
group vision insurance