Dental Insurance for Groups

Poor dental health has been related to other health problems... We all know that clean, healthy teeth are important, but if you neglect your teeth and gums it could lead to other health problems. Research has shown that gum disease can cause other health problems. All it takes is regular cleanings and preventive care to keep this from happening, but dental care is expensive.

We offer:

  • Group dental insurance that gives a group discount
  • Employers do not have to contribute to this premium; therefore it is a benefit that does not cost the employer

Benefits are designed for:

  • Groups with at least three employees
  • Groups in which no more than 50% of the insured group can be direct relatives

Benefits include:

  • You may visit any dentist you wish
  • 100% coverage with NO deductible for preventive and diagnostic care benefits
  • $50 per calendar year deductible for basic and major care benefits
  • Pays 80% of basic care benefits: filings, extractions, anesthesia, oral surgery, repair of crowns and bridges
  • Pays 50% for major care benefits: new crowns, root canals, dentures, partials, new bridges, inlays (Major benefits have a one year waiting period, unless replacing an existing plan)
  • $1,200 per year maximum, per covered person

Contact us today to learn how your group can benefit.

Group dental insurance