Cancer Insurance for Groups

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones from this Devastating Illness

It seems like today you here about a lot of people getting cancer. Not only can it be devastating to the family and loved ones, but also to the pocketbook. Health insurance covers some of the costs, but not nearly all of them including transportation and lodging.

Cancer insurance can help pay for all of the things associated with cancer and its treatment. It will help pay for hospital confinement, radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, physician charges, transportation, blood and plasma.

We offer:

  • A comprehensive cancer plan that pays you directly
  • A lump sum cancer plan that pays you directly when you are diagnosed
  • Group rates for employers

Benefits are specially designed for:

  • Groups, which receive a discounted rate
  • Individuals
  • Long term coverage, as employees can continue this benefit even if they leave their job

Benefits include:

  • A wellness benefit of $100 per year per covered individual; no lifetime limit
  • Choice of amount paid per day when confined to hospital; no lifetime limit
  • Choice of $10,000 or $25,000 per calendar year for radiation and chemotherapy; impatient or outpatient treatment; no lifetime limit.
  • Surgical benefit up to $5,000 per operation, impatient or outpatient: no lifetime limit
  • Pays for second & third surgical opinion; no lifetime limit
  • Pays $50.00 a day for physician visits while confined to the hospital with cancer; no lifetime limit
  • Pays all transportation charges for air, rail or bus; or 50ยข per mile if treatment is more than 50 miles from your home; no lifetime limit
  • Pays usual and customary charges for blood and plasma; no lifetime limit

Do not wait to become a victim. Start protecting your family, your life and your good name today.

cancer insurance for groups