Annuities for Groups

Are You Searching For a Safe Place to Invest Your Retirement Money? Many people have lost a large amount of money with today’s economic situation. There are even those who have a 401K, which they thought were safe, but have suffered a loss. Annuities are a safe way to invest money for your retirement.

We offer:

  • Group and non group annuities
  • No investment in the stock market
  • Partial withdrawal provision

Benefits are specifically designed for:

  • Groups or individuals
  • Employers to offer a safe retirement investment for their employees

Benefits include:

  • Minimum additional premium payment of $50.00
  • Minimum initial premium: $50.00 per month salary reduction/deduction or bank draft/PACP, $5,000 non-qualified single premium and $3,000 qualified single premium
  • No administrative fees
  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Nursing care rider at no additional cost to you
  • Multiple payments accepted

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annuities for groups